Festive Greetings

Well, the “big day” is getting close and my pile of hand made gifts is growing nicely, ready to send to friends and family. I hope you have also found time to craft some hand made goodies for your loved ones and special friends this year. I feel like this Christmas has been as much about saying “thank you” as spreading festive cheer. There is a lot for us to be grateful about in this household and I would like to extand that gratitude to my readers and followers – thank you so much for the kind words and good wishes – every message has meant a lot to us and Mr.  T and I feel ready to face 2021 with optimism and hope.

I have been absent from the website for a while and I’ve been spending much more time over on Instagram. It’s so easy to post a quick photo, a few words  and more importantly to chat and cheer on other designers and makers. There has been plenty going on in the background too. Not just workshops planned for next year, but new opportunities which I really hope I can share with you all soon. 

You will also notice – the Ads are gone! I hadn’t realised that while I was preoccupied with Mr T’s recovery that the “no ads” had expired and it was only when someone kindly pointed out the “annoying” ads were back that I realised. SO, much easier to read every post now without the google pop ups and totally inappropriate links! 

Cavendish Hat and MittensAnother thank you to all of you who have purchased or downloaded patterns this year. I know it’s often said, but supporting independent designers is so important and every purchase makes us smile (even nicer is when you share your finished projects – it’s so lovely to see how your makes turn out – so do please continue to share on twitter (where I’m @traceytodhunter) or Instagram (where you can either tag me directly or use the hashtag #GrannyCoolCrochet). One of the most popular makes at the moment has been the Loughrigg wrist warmers that I designed for issue 129 of Inside Crochet magazine – some lovely versions have popped up on Instagram and I always try to share your makes in my stories  – it’s really halpful to other crocheters to see designs is different yarns and colours! Another popular make this year has been the Cavendish hat and wrist warmers (pictured above – another Inside Crochet commission), this super quick and easy set is great for beginners. You can find the pattern on Love Crafts 

I’m also working on some knitting designs for next year. I have a plan for a series of “super simple” makes for babies and toddlers. There will be knitted and crochet options and all of them will be suitable for beginners. So, look out for those in the New Year.

Until next time, stay warm and cosy.

Happy making

Tracey xxx



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