Jingle All the Way

Welcome back! I’ve just opened Day 4 of my advent calendar and I’m starting to feel very festive. It won’t belong before I succumb to the charms of a gingerbread latte and curl up on the sofa to watch Elf (the best Christmas film ever – except for Die Hard of course!!!) Inspired by Elf and in an attempt to bring some more traditional colour … Continue reading Jingle All the Way

New Trend – “Granny Hobbies”

According to Grazia, this is the year when grannies get cool. Apparently all the bright young things will be dusting off their jam pans or  signing up for pottery classes.  Of course, knitting and crochet get a mention – despite the elegant, modern and stylish designs which regularly appear in print – the media insist on perpetuating the myth that crochet is all about 70’s  … Continue reading New Trend – “Granny Hobbies”