Review – Weekend Makes: Stash Knitting

Weekend MakesThis week I have a new knitting book recommendation for you. Written by Emma Osmond, this is a fresh, modern take on the perennial stash knitting theme (and let’s face it, most knitters and crocheters have a sizeable stash of yarn bought for projects we never completed or simply loved too much to leave on the shelf).


The projects are mostly simple, knitted in beautiful Rowan yarns (so lots of natural fibres and muted shades) and the styling is lovely. There are mug cosies, a hot water bottle, bags, blankets, scarves and hats all photographed with clear close ups of the stitches and shape. I particularly liked the technique section, which has pictorial guides to working on circular needles, knitting cable stitches and colour work. At the back of the book, a chapter on finishing techniques clearly explains, grafting, picking up stitches and sewing seams. So, although this isn’t a book aimed at beginners, it’s definitely a book I’m going to pass along to a new, not so confident knitter in my family. I know she’ll love the projects, and I’m going to put a great big post it note on page 94 – because I’m sure she’ll be able to manage the simple beanie in time for my birthday in October – I can even loan her the perfect yarn from my stash!

Each project includes the required weight for each yarn in grams and metres, so you can easily substitute a yarn from your stash. You’ll also find guidance about skill level, techniques and modifying the pattern to suit your taste and yarn available for every project.

I will definitely be making some of the projects in this book, but (and it’s a small but), I wish more of the projects were worked in the round or on circular needles. It’s the one thing that came up when I showed this book to the ladies in my knitting group. Although many knitters were raised on a diet of “knit flat and seam” patterns, there are a growing number of knitters (of all ages and experience) who like the option to knit in the round. It would have been nice if at least one of the hats (or maybe the wrist warmers) had been knitted seamlessly, particularly as there are three pages devoted to this in the techniques guide.*

Having said that, this is a fabulous book and with Mother’s Day approaching this might be the perfect gift for someone in your life. Whatever their age or experience they’ll find something that appeals and encourages a bit of stash diving!

Weekend Makes: Stash Knitting is written by Emma Osmond, published by GMC books and available now from your favourite book store.

ISBN: 9781784945121

Price £14.99

  • The baby booties and chunky basket are both started flat and then switch to circular needles or DPNS.
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