As Seen on TV

Well, not quite TV, but YouTube! I had great fun in the summer filming a couple of videos to accompany my new book with the team from Woman’s Weekly.  We chose Tunisian crochet,  which is a technique I’m often asked about and it’s so easy to get started I knew it would be perfect. You can view the video, which takes you through Tunisian Knit and Tunisian Simple Stitch here.

If you have ever fancied giving Tunisian Crochet a try, I hope this video will help you get started. Like most knitting and crochet skills, there are several ways to hold the hook and work the stitches. There is no single “right” or “wrong” way to work Tunisian crochet, so don’t be intimidated by terms which are unfamiliar to you, just pick up your hook and have a go!

In between giggles, the serious work of planning the script, producing samples and filming was undertaken by a great team. I don’t usually do tutorials or videos, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to work with such a great team could I?After all, Woman’s Weekly is a household name and my Mum would be very impressed! I’m really pleased with the finished video, it’s much better than anything I could have produced in my own studio and the film crew were so lovely to work with, I could get “hooked” on video making!!!

There are loads more instructional videos on the Woman’s Weekly website and do look out for their special Knitting and Crochet magazine editions which are full of lovely patterns and features. And (shameless plug) if you’re keen to try different crochet techniques you’ll find lots more in my new book, which you can pre – order now).

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