Free pattern: crochet gift bag

Welcome back to the little crochet gift bag!  I “retired” this project from Ravelry as I hoped I would find time to update the pattern in a new yarn sample (Rowan Calmer has now been discontinued). Sadly I never found time, but it’s such a great little project I’ve decided to bring it back in its original form.

This little bag brings back lots of memories, it was one of the first designs I created at Fibre and Clay yarn shop and one of the first patterns I uploaded to Ravelry. You can tell it was spring time when I made this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a use for it all year round. I hate to start talking “festive”, but this would be ideal as an alternative to the little paper gift bags which seem to accumulate in a box under my bed in the hope they’ll ” come in useful” again!

You can download the pattern from Love Knitting or from Ravelry, or you can find it under the free patterns tab on this site.



Yarndale teaser

img_5764I am so excited today,Vicki from Eden Cottage Yarns has posted a small teaser on her blog featuring her new collection.  “Drift” will be launched at Yarndale later this month  and features designs from some exceptionally talented knitwear designers. I’m proud to say a few of my crochet designs are also included. You can read Vicki’s blog post, introducing the new collection here. If you’re heading off to Yarndale at the end of this month, stop by the Eden Cottage yarns stands and say hello. You might also be able to squish some samples of my new and existing designs for Eden Cottage Yarns.

As soon as I’m “allowed” I shall post photos here along with details of how you can buy the book. Until then, I’ll leave you with a couple of images from last year’s collection to whet your appetite!

Ursula scarf. pattern available on ravelry
Ursula scarf. pattern available on ravelry
Maisy Roper bag. Pattern available on Ravelry
Silsden, Log cabin blanket, pattern available on ravelry.
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