The Chevron Scarf (again)

new zig zag scarf imageOver on Instagram this week, crocheters have been sharing their favourite scarf patterns. As always I “had” to post a picture of my Chevron Scarf. I know, you’ve all seen this plenty of times, but I love the simplicity. I often pick up skeins of self patterning yarn, intending to knit socks or try out a new crochet idea. Invariably, I end up making a scarf (or I sew the ends together to make a cowl. Self patterning, colour pooling and variegated yarns can be “problematic” for crocheters. Often they are factory made with knitters in mind, and few indie dyers consider crocheters when coming up with their gorgeous colours and patterns. The nature of crochet stitch construction makes it hard to replicate the repeating patterns that look so great on a pair of knitted socks. But, there are a few “tricks” you can try to get the best out of these yarns.

Try crocheting in the round. Space half treble and woven (sometimes called linen) stitch can be quite effective too. Try alternating two balls of yarn (this is particularly effective with multi coloured yarns such as the ones Noro is famous for) or try striping with two rows on patterned yarn followed by two rows of plain coloured yarn. The best advice I can give you, is try lots of yarns, experiment with different patterns or  techniques and don’t be afraid to rip out your work and try again. Use oddments and left over yarn to test out ideas.

If the worst happens and nothing seems to work, you can always try motifs. Not only can multi coloured motifs look amazing, but you can also cut the yarn to achieve a different colour on each round. This is not “cheating”, it’s simply a great way to get the best out of your yarn and it’s an easy way to produce many coloured motif projects where all the colours “work” together.

So there you are, a few ideas to try. Remember, if all else fails, there’s always the chevron scarf to come back to!

Sorry, the chevron scarf pattern is currently unavailable.


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