The Any Gauge Mittens

These simple wrist warmers were  a huge hit on my bakingandmaking blog. Here they are again – a few little updates, but the basic principle is the same. You’ll need to do  a little bit of measuring to get an accurate fit. I’ve also included the original photos (oh how I cringe at these old photos – but they do the job well enough – so until I have time to make new ones, you have permission to hold up your hands in horror at their lack of professionalism!

Crochet Pattern: Any Yarn, Any Gauge Mittens

These fingerless mittens can be made in any yarn and for any size by following these instructions. Each part of the making process is broken down, so that if you are new to crochet or lack confidence reading patterns you can tackle them in stages. I have also included some photos to accompany the instructions.

You will need:

100g (2 balls) Drops Nepal for the shell trim mittens.

A 6mm crochet hook

A darning needle to weave in ends

1metre of ribbon for trim

Special Abbreviations: (written in English crochet terms)

DC: Double crochet

DCBLO:  Double crochet through back loop only (as normal DC but only through the back loop of each chain)

DTR: [Double treble crochet] Wrap yarn round hook twice, insert hook through chain (4 loops on hook), *wrap yarn round hook and draw through 2 loops, repeat from * until 1 loop remains.

CH: Chain

HTR [Half treble] Wrap yarn round hook once, insert hook through chain, wrap yarn round hook and draw yarn through all 3 loops to complete the stitch.


These instructions make a pair of mittens suitable for a s/m size adult hand.

For a longer mitten, make a longer foundation chain; for a bigger hand, crochet more rows.


Using Drops Nepal and 6mm hook = 14 DCBLO to 10cm


Using 6mm hook and Drops Nepal chain 21

Row 1: DCBLO into 2nd chain from the hook, DCBLO into next chain and repeat to end of row (20 chains). Turn

Row 2: Chain 1, DCBLO into 2nd chain from the hook and into each chain to end of row (20 chains).

Repeat row 2 until you reach width required to fit mitten comfortably round widest part of hand (approx 22 rows).

At the end of next row, chain1 and continue to DC “down” the side of your crochet, chain 1 at corner and continue along the “bottom” of the crochet (this will be the initial foundation chain row, Ch1 at corner and continue in DC “up” the other side of your work.

In the accompanying photos this is shown in red yarn for clarity.

To make eyelets for ribbon:

Chain 1, working into 3rd chain from the hook, make 1  DTR into each chain to end.

Join sides of mittens and create thumb slit:

(In photos this is shown in red yarn for clarity)

Work DC into both loops on both edges, leaving a gap of 5 chains where you wish your thumb slit to be (work 5 slip stitches into these 5 chains on one side), then rejoin yarn and continue to join both edges. Fasten off at end leaving a long tail for weaving in ends.


For plain cuff:

Simply work 1 row of DC along the wrist edge, fasten off. Weave in all ends. Turn mitten right way out. Thread 50 cm of ribbon through eyelets and fasten in a bow (make sure you don’t tie ribbon too tightly).

For the shell trim cuff (as shown in Drops Nepal version)

Turn mitten right way out.

Work 1 row of DC after DTR row.

Next row: Chain 1, work 5htr into 2nd chain from hook, work 1DC into next chain, *5HTR into next chain, 1DC into next chain. Repeat from * until one round of shells has been completed. Fasten off yarn and sew up edge of cuff. Weave in all ends. Thread 50cm of ribbon through eyelets and fasten in a bow (make sure you don’t tie ribbon too tightly).

Repeat instructions to make 2nd mitten.

If you wish to block your mittens, please do so before threading with ribbon.