Crochet gift bag

Skill Level: Beginner

Intro: This simple bag is very useful for Christmas, Mothers Day, Easter or just general gift giving. Make in any yarn to suit your needs. This pattern is suitable for a beginner with a little experience. Samples photographed here were made using Rowan Calmer, with a 5mm hook. All directions are given in UK crochet terms. You can substitute any aran weight yarn for a similar size bag or use 4 ply / dk yarn for a smaller bag. Make it taller, add different stitches, work in stripes – make it your own!

This bag was originally designed when I worked at Fibre and Clay yarn store, it was never intended for publication, but used for display in the shop and became popular with customers as an eco friendly alternative to plastic gift bags. I “retired” the pattern for a while, hoping I would find time to make a new version, sadly there is “never” enough time, so I’m sharing it its original form for free.

Hook: 5mm hook

Yarn: Any aran weight yarn would be suitable. The original yarn (Rowan Calmer) has now been discontinued.


Tension is not critical for this project.

Abbreviations: (pattern is written in UK crochet terms)

ch: chain

dc: double crochet

dc3tog : double crochet 3 sts together

st(s) : stitch(es)

Pattern starts here:

Chain 17

Row 1: dc into 2nd chain from hook, dc to end. Turn

Row 2: Ch 1, dc into 2nd chain from hook, DC to end. Turn

Rows 3, 4, 5: Repeat row 2. At end of row 5 do not turn work

Row 6: Ch 1, turn work 90° clockwise, work 5 dc along edge,

Ch1, turn work 90° clockwise, work 15 dc. Ch 1, turn work 90° clockwise, work 5 dc, Ch 1, turn work 90° clockwise. Work 15 dc. Mark 15th dc with a locking stitch marker. Base of bag made.

From this point you will work in a spiral, at the end of each round, do not turn work, do not join with a slip stitch and do not work chains unless directed to do so in the pattern.

Next round: Starting at the marked stitch, dc 3 tog, work 3 dc, dc3tog, work 13 dc, dc3tog, work 3 dc, dc3tog, dc to marker, Work dc into marked stitch, place marker in this new stitch and continue in a spiral until work measure 9cm in length from base. (NB: Remember to move marker at end of each round to mark each round).

Make bag handles:

Starting at marked stitch, work 9 dc, ch 8, skip 8 dc, dc into 9th dc. Work 8 dc, chain 8, skip next 8 dc, dc into 9th dc. dc to marker.

Work a further 3 rounds, working dc into each chain space made on Ch 8. Fasten off. Weave in all ends and block if required.

A piece of card may be placed in the bottom of the bag to make it sturdier.