Chevron Scarf

chevron-scarfThis was one of my very first free patterns and has been popular ever since I first shared it.  You can use any sock yarn or 4 ply (multi toned or striped yarns work best). I’ve updated it a little bit, based on feedback from my classes. And, I’ll let you into a secret – sew the two ends together (they fit perfectly) and you have the perfect infinty scarf or cowl!

Originally blogged as “Learn a Stitch – Make a Scarf” this pattern  eventually found its way to the Craftseller blog. This is an ideal project for variegated sock yarn as the chevrons help to disguise any “pooling”. You could also work it in solid colours, in which case change colours every 2, 4 or 6 rows for a lovely striped scarf.

new zig zag scarf image

Of course, the same stitch is frequently used for blankets (although I would recommend a taller stitch for a less dense fabric). You can very the multiple for a wider scarf or for a wrap.

Pattern Starts here:

You will need:

1 hank variegated sock yarn (or two for a longer scarf)

This sample in the photograph was made using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, but any sock yarn will work. If you use a different weight of yarn, use an appropriate hook size!

3.75mm hook (or use a slightly larger hook if you’re a ‘tight’ crocheter – in fact many of my pupils have found success using the 4mm hook I give away free in my one day classes)

Stitch pattern:

Make a chain which is a multiple of 14 plus 2 (I made a chain 44 long, to make a 13cm wide ‘skinny scarf’). Swatch a few rows to find your ideal size.

Row 1: (Set up row) 2dc into 2nd chain from hook, * 1dc into each of next 5 ch, miss 3 ch, 1dc into each of next 5 ch, 3dc into next ch, repeat from * to end (note that last stitch will be 2dc into ch not 3). Turn.

Row 2: 1ch (does NOT count as 1st stitch). 2dc in first dc, * 1dc into next 5 dc, miss next 2 dc, 1 dc into each of next  5 dc, 3dc into next dc, repeat from * to end (note that final stitch will be 2 dc NOT 3). Turn.

Repeat row 2 until scarf is desired length or until you run out of yarn.

Block to shape as the fabric does tend to pucker. (I use a gentle liquid wash designed for wool garments such as Eucalan and soak the item  for 10 mins before carefully squeezing out excess water and laying the fabric on towels. Pin to shape and leave until completely dry).



6 Responses to Chevron Scarf

  1. Cara says:

    This is super cute and easy! Thank you for sharing it!


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  5. Karalee says:

    I discovered this pattern today. I have been working on it for the past hour and absolutely LOVE it. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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