Known errata for published patterns are listed below. If you have a query regarding a knitting or crochet pattern, please search the list below before contacting me. For magazine patterns, please contact the editor of the magazine as all patterns are tech edited before publication and I do not always have a copy of the published version or edits made. For other queries, please email me with the name of the pattern, whether it is knitting or crochet and where you purchased it from.

Floribunda Cowl Chart

Floribunda chart

Parallel Lines Wrap (Inside Crochet Issue 122)

There is a typo in the first row of thw written pattern, which should read:

Row 1: With Yarn A, 2tr in 4th ch from hk, *1tr in each of next 3ch, [tr3tog over next 3ch] twice, 1tr in each of next 3ch**, 3tr in each of next 2ch; repeat from * across, ending last repeat at ** 3tr in last ch, change to Yarn B, turn.

My apologies for the error.

Lollipop Cardigan (into the blue):

The stitch count at the end of Row 2 is incorrect in some versions of this pattern. The correct stitch count should read: 60 (64) or for those of you with the 4 size version which appeared in Crochet Now, the stitch count should read: 60 (64, 72, 76)

Stashbuster (Manchester) Pouffe

Some versions have a typo on Rounds 3 and 4, the corrected text should read:

Rnd 3: (1 dc in next st, 2dc in next) 6 times. 18dc

Rnd 4: (1 dc in each of next 2 sts, 2dc in next) 6 times. 24dc

Crochet Heart (for sale on Etsy and Ravelry)

It appears some versions of this pdf have an error on row 2, which should read “….dc to last 2 dc, 2dc, 1dc, turn.13 dc”

Some crocheters have also had difficulty with the instruction “2dc in next dc”, this means that 2 dc should be worked into one st – in other words an increase of 1 stitch.

Please note that as stated on the pattern, I write in UK crochet terms.

Crochet Slippers, Craftseller issue 17 and Handmade Spring 2013 issue:

A blog post with details of correct pattern can be read here.

Let’s Get Crafting issue 54:

Knitted tea cosy. Row 55 should read “k1, (yo, k2tog) to end of row. (eyelet row)

Knitted Wreath in Happy Crafting Christmas:

You will need to knit 96 rows, not 48 as stated in the published pattern.

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