Crochet Pumpkins

Crochet Pumpkins


I love Autumn, the early morning light, the gold, reds and russets of the leaves as they change colour, bonfires and watching the birds devour berries on the trees as I sit and crochet. These  simple pumpkins have been a favourite pattern for years, I often teach them as a class to introduce amigurumi or toy making. Don’t just stick to oranges, they look great in all colours. Use thicker yarn and bigger hooks to make them in a range of sizes.

You will need

Orange wool

Crochet hook

Locking stitch marker

Hollow fibre toy stuffing

Small oddment of green or brown wool for stalk


This pumpkin uses the “amigurumi method” of working in spirals to create a 3 dimensional sphere

Abbreviations (UK crochet terms used throughout)

dc                double crochet

dc2tog          double crochet 2 stitches together (a basic decrease of 1 stitch)

st:                stitch


Make 4 chains and join with a slip stitch to make a ring.

Round 1: 6dc into ring. (6 dc)

Round 2: (2dc in each dc) 6 times. (12 dc)

Round 3: (1dc in next st, 2dc in next st) 6 times. (18 dc)

Round 4: (1dc in next 2 sts, 2dc in next st) 6 times. (24 dc)

Round 5: (1dc in next 3 sts, 2dc in next st) 6 times. (30 dc)

Rounds 6 – 10: 1 dc in each dc around.

Round 11: (1dc in each of next 3dc, dc2tog) 6 times. (24 dc)

Round 21: (1dc in each of next 2dc, dc2tog) 6 times. (18 dc)

Round 22: (1dc in next dc, dc2tog) 6 times. (12 dc)

Cut yarn leaving a long tail and stuff lightly (make sure the centre is not stuffed too tightly)

Thread tapestry needle with yarn tail and weave through remaining stitches, draw stitches tight to close hole.

To make pumpkin segments:

Take yarn up and over pumpkin and insert needle through hole at centre top, insert hook into base and back out through the top, pulling tightly together. Repeat to create 6 segments. Oversew several times at base to secure.


With green yarn, make 5 ch.

Row 1: 1 slip stitch (or dc) into second chain from hook, 1 slip stitch or dc into each ch to end. Fasten off yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread yarn tails onto needle and stitch to top of pumpkin.


These photos might help you:

pumkin steps.jpg





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