Wovember: Small Batch Yarn

This week I wanted to write about the popularity of small batch wools. Like Gin, the profile  of small scale wool producers, who process and market their own product is on the increase. I’ve been really surprised this year by how many yarn bloggers and podcasters are featuring this “new phenomenon”. Small scale single breed production is not new, but discovering and accessing these yarns … Continue reading Wovember: Small Batch Yarn

Welcome to Wovember

Well, it seems a long time since I first wrote about Wovember way back in 2012 and it’s great to see how it has grown and become a feature of the knitters calendar. Over on Instagram I keep spotting photos tagged and shared which celebrate Wool (and for this month only, I’m talking about wool from sheep, not animal fibres in general). Back then, readers … Continue reading Welcome to Wovember

Introducing Three Bears Yarn

(Sponsored Post). Earlier this month, Lancashire based company Three Bears Yarn launched a new collection of cotton yarns to the public. When the company invited me to take a look at their yarn I agreed of course – great cotton yarns are always appealing to crocheters – and these didn’t disappoint. I was sent two yarns to test, the DK “Affection” which comes in a … Continue reading Introducing Three Bears Yarn

Start early on your festive makes

Well, the “big book” is done, edited, proofed and off to be printed, bound and due for publication early next year. This means I finally have a chance to catch up with publishing some patterns that have been waiting ages for their big moment! I know it’s a bit early to be mentioning the “C” word, but if you’re planning on some hand made gift … Continue reading Start early on your festive makes

New Pattern: Ramblers Scarf

Here’s my latest accessory. Knitted in fabulous Ramsdale from Wendy. I fell in love with this wool for several reasons, first of all the colours are beautiful, it has a soft haze that you lose with superwash wools and it’s incredibly soft. The yarn is British – “born, bred and made in Yorkshire” – so it appeals to my preference for British wool. Finally, the … Continue reading New Pattern: Ramblers Scarf

The state we’re in

It’s Wool Week again, a time when my instagram, twitter and facebook feeds are full of woolly themed posts, photos of famous people wearing wool, invites to come and see wool and a general “celebrate British wool” vibe permeating through social media. Isn’t that great? British wool is a fabulous thing. I don’t want to romanticise the farmers life (it’s bloody hard work) but the … Continue reading The state we’re in

Star garland

I am making a new kitchen garland today. “Repurposing” an old pattern and a few yarns I’ve had in my stash for a while. The  pattern for the star motif was published in issue 64 of Inside Crochet as part of a feature I wrote on crochet for celebrations. It’s still available as a dugital download. One of the yarns I’m using is Habu textiles … Continue reading Star garland

In love with small things

My love affair with all things tiny shows no signs of burning itself out. I’ve never really tried designing amigurumi – there are too many fabulous and talented designers  making tiny marvels already – but after finishing “the book” I just need some downtime and amigurumi seemed the perfect choice.  This week has had an autumnal feel about it and so a tiny pumpkin was … Continue reading In love with small things