Featured In Simply Crochet

It might be a little early for most of you to be thinking about Christmas, but not for designers and magazine publishers  – we’ve already moved on to planning spring issues! If you really want to get ahead with some festive decorations or gift making, this special edition of Simply Crochet magazine has plenty to offer. “Your Crochet Christmas” is packed with inspiration and  simple … Continue reading Featured In Simply Crochet

Start early on your festive makes

Well, the “big book” is done, edited, proofed and off to be printed, bound and due for publication early next year. This means I finally have a chance to catch up with publishing some patterns that have been waiting ages for their big moment! I know it’s a bit early to be mentioning the “C” word, but if you’re planning on some hand made gift … Continue reading Start early on your festive makes