Doily Rug

crochet rug.jpgThis was one of my early patterns, but it’s still one of my most popular downloads. The thick, chunky yarn means that this is a fairly quick project (although the last few rounds take a bit longer) and can easily be tackled by an intermediate or confident novice. The bobble stitches are easy to learn and there’s a chart which helps to visualise the stitches.

This pattern was first commissioned by Claire Montgomerie for issue 39 of Inside Crochet and photographed by Britt Spring. Those early issues of the magazine were some of my favourites – the fresh, modern style was so exciting – there weren’t many UK magazine featuring crochet back in 2013!

I have often thought about updating this pattern, but to be honest it works and part of the charm lies in it’s simplicity.

If you’re tempted to make your own, you can buy your own copy of  the pattern in pdf format from Ravelry or Love Crochet.