Soft Wave Blanket

This is a free pattern for readers who have bought or borrowed a copy of my book, Crochet. Learn It, Love It.

This simple blanket is designed for readers who have mastered treble crochet, increasing and decreasing. The pattern is written using UK crochet terminology, if you are used to American terminology, you’ll need to remember that this pattern uses double crochet and single crochet stitches. The pattern has a single row repeat, so after the set up row, you will soon remember the stitch pattern. The edging might seem daunting at first, but once you start you’ll quickly settle into the rhythm. Remember, each row begins with a starting 3ch and ends with a tr; so when you work the edge you’ll be alternating between working into 3ch and treble stitches. Try to work into the ch or stitch rather than the space between the 3ch and first stitch to avoid gaps in the edges of your work. Take a look at page 121 for advice on crochet edgings. NOTE: To make this blanket, you will need to follow the instructions in my book Crochet. Learn It, Love It for the Soft Wave pattern on pages 98 and 99.

You’ll find a helpful chart and step by step photos for this stitch on pages 98 and 99. Step by step photos for the treble (double) crochet stitch are on page 25, and you’ll find advice on increasing and decreasing on pages 37 – 39.

Soft Wave Blanket:

Size: 64cm x 90cm

Yarn: Double knitting weight cotton, sample made using Drops Love You 9, a 100% recycled cotton.  You can buy this yarn from Wool Warehouse at just 75p per ball – that means you can make a whole blanket for under £10 –  exceptionally good value!

Drops You 9: 50g / 125m / 136y per ball.

A Sand ( shade number 105, 2 balls)

B Mustard (shade number 107, 3 balls)

C Navy  Blue (shade number  113, 2 balls)

D Frosty Green (shade number 118, 2 balls)

You will also need a 4mm crochet hook.

Tension: measured from the top of a “peak to the bottom of a “trough”: 8 rows and two pattern repeats measure 10 x 10cm using 4mm hook, or size required to obtain tension.

Slight variations in tension will affect the finished size and yarn quantities.

To make the blanket:

Make 94ch. Follow the Soft Wave stitch pattern on pages 98 and 99 of Crochet. learn It, Love It, in the following colour sequence:

Row 1: Yarn A

Row 2: Yarn B

Row 3: Yarn C

Row 4: Yarn D

Rows 5, 6, 7: Yarn A

Rows 8, 9, 10: Yarn B

Rows 11, 12, 13: Yarn C

Rows 14, 15, 16: Yarn D

Rows 17 – 32: Repeat colour sequence, starting with Yarn A.

Rows 33 and 34: Yarn A

Rows 35 and 36: Yarn B (this marks the centre row of the blanket)

Rows 37 and 38: Yarn A

Row 39 onwards, work colour sequence in reverse (ie: [3 rows each in D,C,B,A, one row each in D,C,B,A] twice).

Fasten off yarn and weave in all ends.

Edging: The edging is worked in rounds and begins with one round in Yarn A, followed by three round in Yarn B. When working 3dc in corners, you may find it helpful to mark the centre stitch with a stitch marker. Working 3dc in each corner, gives your blanket rounded edges and stops it from puckering as you crochet around each side.

Edging Round 1: With RS facing join yarn to top right hand edge. make 3dc in first dc, 1dc in each st to last dc, 3dc in last dc. Rotate your work and make 1dc in last st or turning ch of each row end, rotate your work and continue along underside of the foundation chain, making 3dc in the first st and 1dc in each st across to the last st, make 3dc in last ch, rotate your work and continue up the remaining side, making 1dc in the last st or turning ch of each row, sl st in first dc. Fasten off yarn A.

Edging Rounds 2 and 3: Rejoin yarn to any dc on previous Round, working dc around, making 3dc in the centre st of each 3dc on the previous Round, after Round 3, do not fasten off yarn.

Edging Round 3: 1sl st in each dc around edge of blanket, Fasten off yarn.

Weave in any remaining yarn ends and block flat.

Washing instructions: Although I always recommend hand washing for crochet makes. This yarn is labelled as machine washable at 40 degrees. I have successfully washed this blanket in my washing machine at 30 degrees. I have also tumble dried it on a low setting, with minimal shrinkage. I would suggest you wash and dry a test swatch before risking your precious makes in your own machine!