Cold Hands, Warm Heart

It’s funny how those oft repeated saying from our childhood stay with us. I was reminded of after my swim this morning, struggling to fasten straps and pull jeans over hips in a chilly wind!

It’s the time of year when my hats, scarves and gloves sit in higgledy piggledy mountains by the door, ready to be pulled on every time I leave the house. This year I’m trying extra hard to add a little bit of style on my trips outdoors, maybe it’s the months of shielding and lack of socialising that have made every trip something of an “outing”! So, I have arranged my accessories in groups, picking out a particular colour in a hat to complement a scarf of a pair of wrist warmers, so at least it looks as if I’m trying to make an effort!

Wrist warmers are a great way to keep warm at this time of year, on their own they keep your pulse points warm while still allowng you to access your phone or keys. They are very useful to pull on over gloves when the wind is biting. Most of mine are in a single, solid colour and the All Buttoned Up Wrist Warmers have always been a favourite. It’s the buttons that realy make this project special. In reality they’re just two squares of double crochet, with a thumb slit and a shell buttonhole trim. But, add beautiful buttons and they’re transformed into something you could easily give as a gift. Why not make a few pairsfor friends and family this year? Or, put together a kit for those crafty friends? A ball of yarn in their favourite colour, a hook and of course beautiful buttons are easy to wrap and post. You can find the original pattern in issue 38 of Inside Crochet, or read all the pattern details and buy a single pdf here.

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