Embellished Sweaters

5H5A6976 (2).jpgI am so thrilled to be able to share more photos of the embellished sweaters I designed for Inside Crochet’s 100th issue. These were a joy to make – a real chance for me to indulge my love of crochet embellishments. Claire Montgomerie and I worked together to come up with the final design, we wanted something wearable, but a bit quirky and so I embellished two sweaters. The first is one I could happily see myself wearing to the office, while the second is a bit wilder and the kind of thing I would wear for a night out or to a party.  It’s hard to choose a favourite, both are equally pretty and will give any crocheter a chance to show off their frivolous side.


Even if you don’t want to commit to crocheting a full garment, you can easily add a few embellishments to make your wardrobe a unique reflection of your personality. Don’t be afraid to have fun with crochet. Embellishments are the perfect opportunity to get creative and enjoy your crochet. Pictured in the photo above is Kath Webber‘s beautiful Floribunda Bunting – isn’t it fabulous? I can just see this making an appearance at many summer parties this year. I also love this cute party hat designed by Sarah-Jane from the fabulous Flo and Dot blog. These sweaters both make their debut in issue 100 of Inside Crochet, which is on sale now and has a lovely cover gift. You can also buy digital issues here. The whole issue has a party vibe and the editorial team have created an issue that is filled with fun and practical designs by some of my favourite designers.


Happy crocheting  x


Yarn: Scheepjes  (Catona Cotton)

Hair and Make Up: Julia Edwards

Styling: Claire Montgomerie

Photography: Kirsten Mavric

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