100 Days of Wool

Herdwick wool
Herdwick Wool, reared and spun in Cumbria, the colours inspired a hard wearing messenger bag. Often Herdwick is considered a “carpet wool”, too rough for garments. These are the qualities a functional bag needs so it was the perfect choice. And those colours? Well they sum up the Cumbrian landscape perfectly for me.

For a long time I’ve been visiting the 100 Days project website and love it’s invitation to be creative every day. The concept is to do something quick and creative every day. It’s been interpreted in many different ways, especially over on Instagram where lots of people are using it as a prompt to post images on a particular subject. This year I’ve decided to join in and use it as an excuse to share my love of all things wool and how working with natural fibres influences my design work.

So, for the next 100 days (give or take – I’m giving myself permission right at the beginning to falter, forget – or  simply lack inspiration) I’ll be writing here and on Instagram a series of posts and photos that celebrate all things wool, hopefully they’ll give you an insight to my design process.

I’ve cut and pasted some guidelines from the 100 Days project website here to give you an idea of what it’s all about.

Rules for doing a 100DayProject:
There are none other than doing something hands-on with your project everyday during the 100 days – even if it’s just 5 minutes on some days.

Guidelines…if some structure or an assignment are desired, here are some guidelines:

  • Center your project on one theme – it can be a broad as you like.
  • Commit to doing something hands-on each day for 100 days.
  • Keep it fresh, let it go where it takes you.
  • Flow is the key word here.
  • Don’t get caught up in quality.
  • Consider this a first draft in the creative process.
  • Relax your standards and expectations.
  • Find a buddy or start a group to share your experience with.

Would you like to join me? If you’re already pursuing your own 100 days project I’d love to hear about it. Or, if you know a creative who inspires you leave a link below.



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