Zero Waste Knitting

​I have a fairly small yarn stash, but I do have a huge collection of tiny odds and ends left over from design commissions and personal projects. I can’t bear to throw them away. These arm warmers are the perfect way to use up tiny scraps and will keep me snug and cosy. I’m knitting them “flat” because my tension is getter that way and I’m knitting two at a time to make sure they both match. I just wonder … do any of you have a favourite way to use up yarn scraps?


6 thoughts on “Zero Waste Knitting”

  1. So pretty! I love to make knitfitti-large and small, but it’s always hard to size up a ball and know whether it will do, so I still have many small balls in my stash! Colour work is probably the answer for me!


    1. The beauty of colourwork is you can sue the tiniest scraps. In my notebook I have a list of how much yarn I need to knit 40 sts in aran, dk and 4 ply, I use this to help me work out if I have enough for a row, often adding 10% to allow for difference in yarn composition etc.

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