Ooh Snowflakes!

Photo from Bella Coco Blog

If you’re looking for a quick festive make, these cute crochet snowflakes might fit the bill. By making them  you can help Home Start, one of my favourite charities which helps children and families when they are at their most vulnerable. I’ve had a personal connection with Home Start volunteers and I know the great work they do. Their snowflake appeal highlights how special each and every child is, they’re fragile, unique and precious. It may sound corny, but believe me, a happy, safe family life is a gift. This year the Homestart Snowflake appeal is supported by Kirstie Allsopp,  Love Crochet.Com and Three Bears Yarn.

You can watch a short video (shared here from the Love Crochet Youtube Channel) where Kirstie chats to Sarah Jayne (from the Bella Coco blog) about why the campaign matters and what they’ll do with the snowflakes made as part of the campaign. Sarah Jayne donated a free snowflake pattern, which you can find on the Love Crochet Blog and it’s a very basic, simple pattern which makes it ideal for beginners. You can also find the tutorials and more details over on the Bella Coco Blog.

You can read full details of how to take part over on the Love Crochet website and if you prefer to make a direct donation to support Home Start’s work, you can do so here.

Kits containing the gorgeous 100% cotton yarn from Three Bears Yarn are available from Love Crochet ( with a £1 donation for postage). If you do make one, you can share your pictures on Instagram and twitter using the hashtag #snowflakeappeal

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