Free pattern: crochet gift bag

Welcome back to the little crochet gift bag!  I “retired” this project from Ravelry as I hoped I would find time to update the pattern in a new yarn sample (Rowan Calmer has now been discontinued). Sadly I never found time, but it’s such a great little project I’ve decided to bring it back in its original form.

This little bag brings back lots of memories, it was one of the first designs I created at Fibre and Clay yarn shop and one of the first patterns I uploaded to Ravelry. You can tell it was spring time when I made this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a use for it all year round. I hate to start talking “festive”, but this would be ideal as an alternative to the little paper gift bags which seem to accumulate in a box under my bed in the hope they’ll ” come in useful” again!

You can download the pattern from Love Knitting or from Ravelry, or you can find it under the free patterns tab on this site.




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