Living Alpacaly Ever After

Now, of all the beautiful, natural fibres out there, I’ll let you into a secret: Alpaca is my favourite. So indulge me while I tell you a little story about a lovely lass, her beautiful alpacas and a plan for world domination through yarn…

Any yarn enthusiast will tell you, the process of getting from fleece to yarn you can actually knit with is a long and expensive process (that’s why decent wool and natural fibres cost more than cheap, factory produced acrylic). But, it’s so worth it to knit or crochet with beautiful yarn produced by lovely people. The plan is to process the alpaca fibre and sell kits with ingenious pattern so that you can make your own cuddly alpaca. They look so cute (click here for some images on the @alpacaly twitter feed)

I may be a little biased, these Alpacas live just up the road from my Mother in Law at Armathwaite Hall, I’ve often admired them. Their owner has kept me wildly entertained with her stories on facebook, her tales of life in what I would argue was one of the nicest tea rooms in Keswick, not forgetting her big adventure to the Manchester Christmas markets. How could I not support a plan to produce yarn?

So, here’s the thing. If you’re like me and you like to live simply, buy local and help nice people, take a look at their kickstarter page and consider making a small investment. Or maybe you just like the idea of knitting your own alpaca from British yarn to start a flock of your own (same thing, go invest).

If you do, me (and the alpacas) will be very happy.



4 thoughts on “Living Alpacaly Ever After”

  1. One of my PAs has a brother who keeps Alpacas locally and has won some shows. I’m going to buy some wool from him/them in the autumn. Not sure whatI’ll make – probably a crochet collar for myself with a big feature button on the front.


  2. You remember the ones peering over the hedge as you drove down to the barn, Tracey ? Must say an alpaca would be up there with giraffes in the favourite animals I would like to own…..


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